SentryPODS: Why Jobsite Security Should Be Top Priority

  With all the dirt and grime that comes with construction, you might not think that a work site is worth much money. But when you consider the amount of money that it takes to hire entire crews of construction workers and skilled tradesmen, buy large amounts of crucial supplies and materials, rent the required…

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SentryPODS: How Security and Surveillance Work Together

With valuable tools and equipment left out in the open, a construction site is ripe for the picking as far as thieves are concerned – hence the importance of constant and visible onsite security. When it comes to safeguarding against vandalism and theft at a construction site or workplace, security cameras and guards are often…

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Remote Surveillance Cameras Backed By Human Intelligence

remote surveillance monitoring services

SentryPODS is pleased to announce its partnership with Engineered Security Systems. Their years of experience handling accounts across the United States have set them apart from other monitoring solutions available today. The key to this partnership is that SentryPODS Surveillance Cameras detect motion, smoke, or flame and the ESS technicians validate incidents before alerting the…

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