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Greg Kelly Talks With Brent Canfield About The Origins Of SentryPODS

About SentryPODS: Rugged, Military Grade Cameras Designed For Remote Surveillance

Stop worrying about how you will get surveillance to remote sites. SentryPODS will install in 3-5 minutes and offer a level of autonomous surveillance that protects critical infrastructure, military/DOD, construction sites, manufacturing facilities, and public spaces.

SentryPODS Overview

SentryPODS (Protective Overt Deployable Surveillance) Compared to surveillance drones and wired cameras, a surveillance solution like SentryPODS essentially eliminates the need to physically operate the system, since the design focuses on autonomy. Being the first of its kind in the industry, SentryPODS expands on the limitations of existing technology, making surveillance and investigations much easier.

SentryPODS Surveillance Systems - Trusted Surveillance Solutions For Rapid Protection

SentryPODS surveillance cameras are a wise choice for jobsite surveillance, remote perimeter security, manufacturing surveillance, public safety, and a wide range of other applications.

Remote Surveillance For Critical Infrastructure & Utility Companies

SentryPODS' unique ability to setup in remote locations without the use of wires makes this surveillance system the right choice for the surveillance of remote critical infrastructure, utility, construction, fleet, and manufacturing.

SentryPODS Chariot - Mobile Solar Surveillance Trailer

Serving the oil, gas, construction site, & military camps. The Chariot gives you complete visual access in these areas 24/7. The Chariot features an extendable camera mount, 17” tires giving you access to take your Chariot across rough terrain, solar panels, and more.

School Safety Is Achieved With Autonomous Surveillance

Sentry PODS are the most autonomous surveillance solution in the world. In this video, we demonstrate using our SentryPODS solution inside of a gymnasium for school safety.

Convert Your Power/Voltage In Seconds

In this video, watch how you can convert 110VAC power to 220VAC power in 30 seconds or less — without extensive training. It's all about speed and mobility!!

Magnetic Rapid Installation Kit (RIK) Demo for Pole & Metal Doors

It's all about speed and mobility! This is a demonstration of our new RIK magnetic Slap Plate designed for metallic surfaces. Now you can install a SentryPODS unit in 30 seconds!

Mast Collar & Backplate Installation In Only 30 Seconds

In this video, we demonstrate how quickly you can install a SentryPODS module on a pole within 30 seconds. It's all about speed and mobility.

Backplate & Battery Installation 3D Demo

Take a view around a SentryPODS unit as this 3D animation shows the camera rapidly attaches and securely locks the to a utility pole using our Rapid Attachment Kit (Including Detention Pin).

Mast Collar Installation 3D Demo

Take a view around a SentryPODS unit as this 3D animation shows the camera rapidly attaches and securely locks the to a mast pole using a mast collar — locked into place with a detention pin.

SentryPODS Are Built For Tough Environments

SentryPODS can withstand the intense climate of the desert with no problem. Our rugged outdoor surveillance comes equipped with PTZ cameras, hot-swappable components, and an array of other advanced features.

Speed & Mobility For Remote Location Surveillance

This video demonstrates the capability of SentryPODS, as well as the hot-swappable features of the internal components.

Public Safety Case Study: Pro Football Hall Of Fame Enshrinement Festival Balloon Classic ’22

The added security of having the cameras on-site for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Festival Balloon Classic 2022 contributed to its success and ensured that nothing out of the usual occurred at the event.

Our Autonomous Surveillance Solutions Are Trusted By Companies Like Yours

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