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How Can Substations Deter Vandalism

By Medium Interactive | Feb 1, 2023 |
remote surveillance, substation security, deter vandalism

With attacks against substations increasing nationwide, security at those substations is even more important. There are several steps that substations can take to deter vandalism. Here are four tips to deter vandalism at your substation. Deterring vandalism is the first step to take to ensure that our nation’s critical infrastructure is working to the best…

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Benefits of Video Surveillance at Substations

By Medium Interactive | Jan 23, 2023 |
substation security, video surveillance, remote surveillance, security cameras

  Electrical substations are a critical aspect of our nation’s infrastructure. Without substations generating electricity to a safe consumption level, millions of homes and businesses would be left in the dark. Ensuring that substations are well protected will ensure their continued operation and ensure that our homes, businesses, and other critical infrastructure keep the lights…

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5 Tips to Protect Your Substation

By Medium Interactive | Jan 17, 2023 |

With the two domestic terror attacks on substations in Washington state and North Carolina in December still fresh in the public’s mind, it is more important than ever to ensure that the American electrical grid is safe from other bad actors. There is a myriad of threats that substations face, especially following these attacks. When…

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Are Substation Attacks Domestic Terrorism?

By Medium Interactive | Jan 17, 2023 |
Substation security

It has been over a month since the attack on an electrical substation in North Carolina, and almost a month since the attack in Washington state. It is unclear whether the two attacks are related, and both remain under investigation. Two men have been charged in connection with the attack in Washington, and so far…

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Substation Security: Securing the Perimeter

By Medium Interactive | Jan 2, 2023 |

SUBSTATION SECURITY: SECURING THE PERIMETER Electrical substations are the backbone of our nation’s power supply, generating power for millions of Americans. Recent domestic terror attacks on substations, first in Moore County, North Carolina on December 3, 2022, and the second on Christmas Day in Pierce County, Washington, left thousands of Americans without electricity. These acts…

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Substation Attacks Continue, Leaving People Without Power Over Christmas

By Brent Canfield | Dec 27, 2022 |

Four electricity substations in the Tacoma, Washington, area were attacked Sunday, affecting thousands of customers, authorities said. The Pierce County Sheriff’s Department described the early morning attacks on two Tacoma Public Utilities substations and a Puget Sound Energy facility as acts of vandalism, with those responsible unidentified. “It is unknown if there are any motives…

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New York’s Prologis, Inc. Secures Job Sites With SentryPODS’ Surveillance Technology

By Medium Interactive | Nov 12, 2022 |

Prologis, Inc., located in Queens, NY, is a global real estate developer that incorporates site selection, land acquisition, facility specifications, permitting, construction, ownership, and delivery for its clients. The company’s experienced in-house team takes care of every detail in the build-to-suit process, using a proven process and applied data and technology to provide deep insights…

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Cybersecurity Tips For Utility Companies

By Medium Interactive | Sep 28, 2022 |

As our nation’s demand for energy increases, the utility industry has had no choice but to modernize its infrastructure to meet this demand. This modernization has involved adding more digitized equipment and connectivity across devices, plants, and operating systems. While this evolution represents a positive shift for the industry, it has also opened up Pandora’s…

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Securing Utility Sites With Surveillance Cameras

By Medium Interactive | Sep 28, 2022 |

Everyone in the United States depends on the utility industry. In fact, our daily lives center around the by-product of this critical asset. That means that continuity of service is critical in the utility industry. Customers want to know that they will have power, gas, or water whenever they need it. That means utility providers…

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Is Your Utility Site At Risk For Theft or Vandalism?

By Medium Interactive | Sep 28, 2022 |

In recent years, utility substations have become a target for theft, especially as the cost of copper has been rising to an all-time high. Most utility substations are unmanned or understaffed and are unable to proactively address security threats before they become a serious issue. Utility providers have realized that security has become increasingly important…

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