Leasing Options For SentryPODS Surveillance Cameras

Cut Cost While Protecting Your People and Your Property

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ZERO INTEREST CHARGED When Leasing Our Continuously Operable Surveillance Cameras With Short-Term & Long-Term Leasing Options

One benefit of working with SentryPODS is that we offer flexible leasing options. Ultimately, we help you leave room in your budget without sacrificing time to delivery. Our surveillance cameras can be leased for 12, 24, or 36 months with zero interest charged and can ship within 48 hours of credit approval.

Whether you need to get a camera set secured to a telephone pole or are in an area with no sensible camera placement, our surveillance accessories will ensure you gain visibility in as little time as possible. Our surveillance cameras are pre-configured so you can set them up or relocate them within minutes.

Our Pre-Configured Surveillance Cameras Can Set Up and/or Relocate Within Minutes

How Our Surveillance Equipment Leasing Program Works

  1. Browse Our Camera Options and Contact Us For More Information
  2. Perform A Basic Site Questionnaire
  3. Receiver Hardware & Service Recommendations From Our Surveillance Design Team
  4. Speak With Our Finance Team About Financial Qualifications
  5. Select Lease Terms
  6. Cameras Will Ship Within 48 Hours Of Lease Approval

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