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Protect Property, People, & Equipment

Rapid deployment, secure communications, and autonomy have allowed SentryPODS® to quickly become the preferred choice for perimeter security within the military/DOD sectors.

SentryPODS contain intelligence at the edge as well as built in redundancy for network/power failover. In the event of mayhem or local service outages, SentryPODS seamlessly failover to an alternative network (in most cases, LTE) and internal batteries for independent functionality. Wherever critical infrastructure exists, SentryPODS provide a superior level of protection in any environment.

While a SentryPODS unit can serve as a video-capturing endpoint on an existing traditional LTE or Ethernet network, the ability to deploy rapidly and function autonomously is where the greater value of SentryPODS resides.  A wide variety of power and connectivity options are available and can be tailored to the specific mission requirements providing a vast array of deployment options with SentryPODS military surveillance cameras.

Ask Us How To Use Your SentryPODS Surveillance Cameras As Mobile Hotspots

Quickly & Securely Connect from Anywhere With Military Surveillance Cameras

Detect, Assess, and deter potential threats without connection headaches. Network connectivity options include lte, local wi-fi, hard-wired connections, satcom, and more.

Network connectivity can occur with the following options:

  • Cell tower coverage, LTE (default)
  • Local Wi-Fi; SentryPODS can serve as a Wi-Fi hotspot to provide internet connectivity to local devices such as tablets or laptops utilizing digital security certificates to ensure secure transmission of data
  • Hard-wire connection (traditional Ethernet LAN/WAN network environment)
  • SATCOM service provider
  • Point-to-point wireless connection (Cambium Network radios for example, long distance wireless connection)

Power can be sourced from the following:

  • Existing AC 110V power (grid or generator)
  • Internal batteries (24-48-hours on short term deployments and are hot-swappable as needed)
  • Solar power (SentryPODS standalone unit available or can be connected to existing arrays)

A typical SentryPODS deployment will occur where there is no existing conventional network, but cell connectivity is available with our military surveillance cameras. Quite often, cellular connectivity is more cost-effective than building out a remote network. In this scenario, each SentryPODS unit will have DHS-encrypted secure connectivity using digital security certificates for end-to-end secure connections through the web via multiple cell carrier options with redundant LTE failover between carriers. SentryPODS prove to be a highly effective security service equipped with military camera systems that aides in protecting our property, people, and equipment. Our systems can help detect early warnings to be proactive in preventing any damages and losses. SentryPODS military camera systems are a satisfactory security system that provides optimal protection and surveillance for the military/department of defenses. Detecting hazardous threats with SentryPODS military security cameras maintains the safety of people and perimeter security within military/DOD sectors. Military security cameras provide protection against threats through service outages or physical attacks that can happen at any time. Our technicians are dedicated to securing and protecting our nation's military/DOD sectors with military security cameras.

SentryPODS military surveillance equipment provides impeccable security for the military/department of defense. Securing and protecting people and equipment with a wide variety of power connectivity options for constant surveillance and rapid installation in remote, hard-to-reach areas detects and deters potential threats. Our high-quality military camera surveillance services play a key part in keeping the military/DOD sector protected and alert at all times. SentryPODS military surveillance equipment provides security that is backed by human intelligence and is able to connect from anywhere. Military surveillance equipment can prevent disasters and has the ability to rapidly function autonomously. Our military surveillance equipment monitors every access point and our unrivaled levels of security provide superior levels of protection


  • Remote Deployments
  • Communications Installations
  • Arms/Munitions Depots
  • Supply Line Terminals
  • Equipment Storage
  • Airfield Security
  • Power Substations
  • Network Nodes
  • Many more...



Acts as a virtual sentry (security guard) with stellar video verification, infrared, and motion detection capabilities.

  • Autonomous (connectivity can be private/public LTE, Ethernet, SAT COMM, SIPRNet or WiFi) enabling deployment free from the constraints of vulnerable wired connections
  • Rapid deployment (Typically 3-5 minutes)
  • Remotely accessible for video and power management
  • Send remote notifications for events or status changes
  • Archive video directly to the edge for remote retrieval
  • Provides power and network redundancy capabilities
  • Failover to the battery and send notifications upon power loss
  • Hot swappable batteries
  • Inferred Video Capability
  • Motion Detection
  • NEMA 4x rated enclosure that can withstand the most hostile environments
  • SentryPODS can be enabled as Wi-Fi hotspots to facilitate internet accessibility

The key features of the SentryPODS system are its mobility, speed of deployment, and autonomy. While a SentryPODS unit can serve as a video-capturing endpoint on an existing traditional LTE or Ethernet network, the ability to deploy rapidly and function autonomously is where the greater value of SentryPODS resides. SentryPODS military surveillance cameras ensure rapid deployment with secured communications that have made our military surveillance cameras a top choice for premier security. You are able to connect securely from anywhere with cell tower coverage, local wifi, hard-wire connection, SATCOM service provider, and point-to-point wireless connection. SentryPODS military surveillance cameras offer optimal security surveillance for our nation's military/department of defenses. A wide variety of power and connectivity options are available and can be tailored to the specific mission requirements providing a vast array of deployment options.

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Why Choose SentryPODS For Military Surveillance?

SentryPODS is a veteran-led security surveillance company with a highly trained team of experts that have more than 10 years of experience. Our team members provide the best protection with military surveillance cameras and DOD cameras that connect from anywhere. Our wireless and preconfigured military surveillance cameras are able to be placed where utility poles are within 3-5 minutes. Not only do we provide high-quality military surveillance cameras, but our military surveillance is backed by human intelligence by US-based ESS giving 24/7 live monitoring. Contact SentryPODS for military/DOD cameras that act as security guards with video verification and motion detection capabilities. SentryPODS military camera system provides unmatched security monitoring for the military protecting property, equipment, and more importantly people. What makes our military camera surveillance systems are such a top choice in the military is the ability to be deployed rapidly as well as function autonomously. The SentryPODS unit can quickly and securely connect from anywhere, even where there is no existing conventional network.

With SentryPODS military-grade cameras surveillance solutions we can help improve and enable access to important information with efficiency. We provide remote deployments with communications installation and airfield security as well as much more. SentryPODS wants to reduce costs, improve safety, and increase efficiency to ensure security. SentryPODS cameras are considered to be the best cameras for military surveillance and play a vital part in the safety of the military/DOD sector. Our cameras provide military-grade security and are the best cameras for military surveillance and keeping the military alert at all times. Stay informed at all times and receive notifications after our US-based team verifies suspicious incidents. SentryPODS provides military-grade equipment that offers the most advanced remote surveillance solutions for our nation's military sector.

SentryPODS Trusted Military Surveillance Systems Technology

The military/DOD sector needs constant monitoring to stay alert and that means that high-quality military cameras are to be implemented. SentryPODS military surveillance technology offers unmatched security with high-performance military security cameras equipped with sensors that can increase situational awareness. The military/DOD sector needs constant monitoring to stay alert. SentryPODS military surveillance technology offers unmatched security with high-performance military security cameras equipped with sensors that can increase situational awareness. Our military surveillance can receive power from an existing AC 110V power, internal batteries, and solar power even in the most remote areas. Contact SentryPODS team members today for a free quote for military surveillance.

SentryPODS military surveillance equipment is equipped with state-of-the-art intelligence for their military cameras. Not only do we stay current with security surveillance technology, but our military surveillance equipment is also backed by human intelligence and seamless failover to an alternative network. Our nation's military surveillance technology has large and expensive remote areas to monitor that could span up to hundreds of miles. These remote locations can make it difficult to provide quality surveillance systems. The military/DOD sector heavily relies on dependable military surveillance equipment to work in remote areas, prevents any damages or losses that may occur in areas that have no surveillance, and detects early warnings of intrusion. SentryPODS military surveillance equipment offers highly effective surveillance and impeccable security for our military/deployment of defense. SentryPODS military-grade security enables you to monitor your perimeter with long-range cameras that give you the ability to detect unauthorized personnel. Military surveillance systems provide valuable information and avoid potential threats.

Benefits of Military Perimeter Security Surveillance Systems

SentryPODS military perimeter security systems are critical to maintaining the security and safety of military personnel and assets. Implementing military perimeter security systems prevent unauthorized access, monitor and control entry and exit points, and provide early detection of security threats. Contact SentryPODS for high-quality military camera surveillance systems.

Receive Notifications After Our Team Verifies Incidents

Remote Surveillance: Backed By Human Intelligence

SentryPODS (Remote Surveillance Camera Systems) has partnered with US-Based video surveillance monitoring companies to deliver 24/7 live monitoring of motion, invasion, smoke, flare, or flame. With live monitoring, we include the human intelligence/recognition that AI is not yet capable of handling. Each security monitoring technician knows to look for threats and will immediately call the proper authorities if an incident is validated.


“We have seen no other products that meet the needs of remote and isolated areas like [the SentryPODS product] without supporting infrastructure aside from a cell connection.”
— Chris Proudfoot, Deputy AC/S for MAGTF Training

Watch How SentryPODS Can Be Installed Anywhere In 3-5 Minutes

SentryPODS have been uniquely designed to rapidly install within 3-5 minutes using a Rapid Attachment System (RAS). Whether you are in a place where utility poles exist or need to erect a mast to hold your surveillance camera, our rapid attachment system will hold your camera in place until you are ready to move it.


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