"The Camera Pods have been a Marvelous Security Improvement for our site. Prior to installing your cameras we used a "Drive By" security service, which failed to observe a breach to the property in sufficient time, which resulted in a robbery, costing us several hundred thousand dollars.

Since installing your cameras I have been notified numerous times when our property has had suspicious activity. The Police have been dispatched several times in the past 4 months.

The most recent incident involves a person cutting our chain link fence and entering our property. The Security System dispatched the Police and notified me. I sent a Superintendent from one of my nearby Construction sites to inspect the cut fence. He was able to view the intruder and take a photo of him. The Police arrived and arrested the intruder.

I am very pleased with your Total Security System. It REALLY works."

Jerry Starkey

Vice President Special Projects for Martin Management Group

"We have seen no other products that meet the needs of remote and isolated areas like [the SentryPODS product] without supporting infrastructure aside from a cell connection."

Chris Proudfoot

Deputy AC/S for MAGTF Training

"Each year the Balloon Classic and Food Fest is the kick-off to the Pro Football Hall of Fame enshrinement week. This event is held on the grounds of Kent State University Stark Campus in Jackson Township. The event brings an estimated 85,000 additional people to the area. With the modern-day safety concerns at these large events, the safety forces of Jackson Township needed an easy-to-use surveillance camera system to provide quality, real-time eyes in the field. We found that exact system with the SentryPODS from Smart Digital. The SentryPODS cameras were extremely quick and easy to get set up to stream live footage into our unified command center at the event. The folks at Smart Digital are so professional to work with. We had on-the-spot communications with the technical experts at Smart Digital even in the late hours of this event. The event was unquestionably safer thanks to Brent and the team at Smart Digital and the easy-to-set up SentryPODS product."

Michael Crable

Deputy Chief - Jackson Twp. Fire Dept.

"SentryPODS is an affordable, dependable product that has provided security and a sense of peace to our employees and our projects. The service, reliability, and affordability make SentryPODS top in its category. Every owner should own one. I recommend the Smart Digital SentryPOD for all your security needs. It has proven to be an effective, reliable means to a secure work environment."

William Hocevar

Safety Director - The Great Lakes Construction Company

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