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SentryPODS Cameras

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SentryPODS have many capabilities including long-range cameras; high-quality, long-range IR, (infrared) night vision cameras; and thermal or standard 30x PTZ cameras

  • The primary detection capability of the SentryPODS is video motion detection provided by the SentryPODS camera which is available in varying degrees of capabilities such as long-range, night vision, PTZ, etc. The accuracy and range of these camera options vary but are considered state-of-the-art.
  • Expands the visual reach of mobile units utilizing real-time surveillance and notifications
  • Helps alert and protect agents from approaching dangers or threats from any direction
  • Coverage can be rapidly relocated or left on station unattended acting as a virtual agent, removing the agents from harm’s way and exponentially increasing foot power
  • Well-suited for open terrain deployments (fixed or re-deployable)
  • Coverage over very large open terrain areas is possible with motion detection to alert monitoring systems of potential activity, as well as utilizing the virtual fence as perimeter detection, notifying agents of a breach of a particular area or zone

SentryPODS' Unique Surveillance Camera Kits Are Changing The Standard Of Security & Protection In The Surveillance Industry

Compared to surveillance drones and wired cameras, a surveillance solution like SentryPODS essentially eliminates the need to physically operate the system, since the design focuses on autonomy. Being the first of its kind in the industry, SentryPODS expands on the limitations of existing technology, making surveillance and investigations much easier. 

  • Eliminates Dependency of Cables
  • Act as a Virtual Security Guard with Video Verification & Live Monitoring
  • Autonomous and Rapidly Deployable
  • Remotely Accessed for Video and Power Management
  • Fail Over to Battery Upon Power Loss and Send Notifications
  • NEMA 4x Rated Enclosure
Take Our SentryPODS For A Spin!
    Scout Model

    The SentryPODS SCOUT

    SentryPODS Scout model is our go-to model for entry-level surveillance needs. The features of the Scout are anything but entry-level. Out-of-the-box features include 10x Zoom, Axis Zipstream, and more :

    • Hot-swappable batteries and components
    • Rapid power-up and accessibility
    • Includes RAS (Rapid Attachment System) for fast mounting
    • 10x optical zoom
    • Continuous 360° pan
    • Axis Zipstream
    • Three scene profiles
    • Two-way audio and I/O
    • GPS for location tracking

    The SentryPODS EAGLE

    SentryPODS Eagle model is our multi-head surveillance camera suitable for protecting a wide range of industries. The out-of-the-box features of the Eagle include motorized focus and more:

    • 2 Megapixel
    • 2x Optical Zoom
    • Varifocal, 3-6mm, F1.8-2.6
    • Horizontal FoV: 96°-49°
    • Vertical FoV: 53°-27°
    • IR Illumination: 15m (50ft)
    • Detection Range: 250 to 500 feet
    • Identification Range: 27 to 54 feet
    • Offers Continuous 360º View w/ 4x lenses
    • Hot-swappable batteries and components
    • Rapid power-up and accessibility
    • Automatically removable infrared-cut filter
    • Camera Angle Adjustments: Pan ±90°, tilt +25 to +95°, rotation –5 to +95°, twist ±20°
    • Includes RAS (Rapid Attachment System) for fast mounting
    • Three scene profiles
    • Two-way audio and I/O
    • GPS for location tracking
    Ranger Model


    The SentryPODS Hunter model is the next step in the evolution of modern surveillance. Includes the Hunter boast Mid-range Optimized IR. That means you get superior image quality and added lifespan to the LED while enabling discreet surveillance. The Hunter also features:

    • 4 Megapixel
    • Pan, Tilt, & Zoom
    • Varifocal, 4.5-135mm, F1.6-4.6
    • Horizontal FoV: 57.1°-2.1°
    • Vertical FoV: 34.4°-1.2°
    • IR Illumination: 200m (656ft)
    • Detection Range: 340 to 10,200 feet
    • Identification Range: 38 to 1,140 feet
    • Hot-swappable batteries and components
    • Rapid power-up and accessibility
    • Includes RAS (Rapid Attachment System) for fast mounting
    • Long-distance 30X zoom
    • Forensic capture
    • 360˚ pan
    • Long-range OptimizedIR (200 m/ 656 ft range)
    • Auto-tracking
    • GPS for location tracking

    SentryPODS MINI

    The SentryPODS MINI model is the next step in the evolution of modern surveillance. The MINI features:

    • Varifocal, 3-8mm, F1.3
    • Horizontal FoV: 104°-40°
    • Vertical FoV: 74°-29°
    • IR Illumination: 40m (130ft)
    • Detection Range: 270 to 730 feet
    • Identification Range: 30 to 81 feet
    • 5-megapixel fixed-position camera
    • 8+ hours of battery backup
    • Rapid power-up and accessibility
    • Includes RAS (Rapid Attachment System) for fast mounting
    • Remote focus and 2.7x optical zoom
    • Forensic capture
    • Digital PTZ functionality
    • Built-in IR emitter (40 m/ 134 ft range)
    • GPS for location tracking
    solar surveillance trailer with cameras

    SentryPODS Chariot - Solar Trailer

    The SentryPODS Chariot is our new and innovative way to set up your SentryPODS cameras in locations you have never been able to access before. Whether the locations you need to protect are oil & gas facilities, construction sites, or military camps, the Chariot gives you complete visual access to these areas 24/7. The Sentry PODS Chariot solar trailer will have (1) Eagle and (1) Hunter sensor at the top of each trailer. The Sentry PODS solar skid has an option for either model. Detection ranges assume a camera height of 15 feet. The Chariot features 17” tires and a wide wheel base that allow you to take your Chariot into rough terrain inaccessible to other systems.  The Chariot is primarily powered by solar panels, requiring no power infrastructure to deploy, and can be recharged by the generator in the event of prolonged periods without sunlight.  The capabilities of the SentryPODS Chariot do not stop there.

    This autonomous surveillance solution also includes:

    • 30’ extendable mast with the ability to support 2 or more cameras (2 standard)

    • Six (6) 110W solar panels that are independently adjustable for maximum sun exposure

    • Multi-band Cellular communication allows expansive range for remote deployment

    • Rechargeable batteries lasting a minimum of 5 days with no sunlight (for standard cameras)

    • Break-away hitch

    • Four (4) corner support crank jacks allow for easy leveling using the built-in 360° level

    • Four (4) corner support crank jacks allow for easy leveling using the built-in 360° level

    • Remote monitoring of the solar controller and battery levels

    • Supports a quick-NAS video storage expansion using up to a 2TB USB Flash drive

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    SentryPODS RECON

    The SentryPODS Recon model is the pinnacle of both the innovation and evolution of modern digital surveillance. The Recon is packed with features including the Axis Guard Suite Analytics that provide motion and intrusion detection. Detect threats and alert security staff to take action. The benefits don't stop there, the Recon also boasts:

    • Hot-swappable batteries and components
    • Rapid power-up and accessibility
    • Includes RAS (Rapid Attachment System) for fast mounting
    • Long-distance 30X zoom
    • Forensic capture
    • 360˚ pan
    • Auto-tracking
    • Laser focus
    • GPS for location tracking
    Sentry Pod cut_recon
    blackops copy

    SentryPODS BlackOps

    The SentryPODS BlackOps model brings new meaning to the term 'covert surveillance.' The BlackOps streams 1080p/HDTV 720p video from four sensor units simultaneously and even has GPS for location tracking. The BlackOps comes installed in a concealable container and also features: 

    • Hot-swappable batteries and components
    • Rapid power-up and accessibility
    • Installed in a concealable container
    • Streams 1080p/HDTV 720p videos from four sensor units simultaneously 
    • Quad view stream
    • Axis’ Zipstream technology
    • Two built-in SD card slots
    • GPS for location tracking
    LPR Model

    SentryPODS LPR

    The SentryPODS LPR model offers you the ability to capture information at the pace of life! SentryPODS LPR Features:

    • 1080p Resolution
    • 8x Optical Zoom
    • 50m (165ft) IR Illumination
    • Detection range: 20 - 100m (66 - 328ft)
    • Clear Recognition at speeds up to 130km/h (81mph) with Edge Analytics (250km/h using server analytics)
    • Single Lane Recognition with Edge Analytics (2-lane with server analytics)
    • Positional up to 10m (33ft) above and 10m (33ft) away from the road
    • Built-In License Plate Capture Assistant optimizes video configuration based on mounting height, distance to vehicle, and expected vehicle speed
    • Uses 3rd-Party LPR Software:  such as Vaxtor's VaxALPR and Rekor Watchman



    The key features of the SentryPODS system are its speed of mobility, deployment, and autonomy. While a SentryPODS unit can serve as a Video capturing endpoint on an existing traditional LTE or Ethernet network, the ability to deploy rapidly and function autonomously is where the greater value of SentryPODS resides.  A wide variety of power and connectivity options are available and can be tailored to the specific mission requirements, providing a vast array of deployment options.

    Network connectivity can occur with the following options:

    • Cell tower coverage, LTE (default)
    • Local Wi-Fi; SentryPODS can serve as a Wi-Fi hotspot to provide internet connectivity to local devices such as tablets or laptops utilizing digital security certificates to ensure secure transmission of data
    • Hard-wire connection (traditional Ethernet LAN/WAN network environment)
    • SATCOM service provider
    • Point-to-point wireless connection (Cambium Network radios, for example, long-distance wireless connection)

    Power can be sourced from the following:

    • Existing AC 110V power (grid or generator)
    • Internal batteries (24-48-hours on short term deployments and are hot-swappable as needed)
    • Solar power (SentryPODS standalone unit available or can be connected to existing arrays)

    A typical SentryPODS deployment will occur where there is no existing conventional network, but cell connectivity is available. Quite often, cellular connectivity is more cost-effective than building out a remote network. In this scenario, each SentryPODS unit will have DHS-encrypted secure connectivity using digital security certificates for end-to-end secure connections through the web via multiple cell carrier options with redundant LTE failover between carriers.



    • Can be deployed along remote sections of the border wall using cell coverage and solar power
    • While speed and mobility is key, SentryPODS are most recognized for independent and rapid deployment in austere or autonomous environments without the conventional resources of network connectivity or power
    • RAS (Rapid Installation System) for expedient installations, either vehicle-mounted, flat or cylindrical surfaces or portable tripod mast-mounted solutions
    • Data can be fed wirelessly/locally (internal wireless LAN) to the vehicle or agent for capture on a local tablet/smart device or sent via a cellular link to the web via a public WAN connection
    • Many other scenarios can be addressed through a combination of the available features and options of SentryPODS, with emphasis on the fact that the key features can be managed remotely combined with the added ability of real-time management and remote notifications
    • SentryPODS is equipped with a hot-swappable IP68 NEMA power enclosure that provides real-time monitoring for power status as well as remote notifications for power failover or environment changes and temperature or state of input or output terminals.
    • Wall-mounted units can utilize top-mounted cameras to keep the unit and solar panel behind the protection of the wall
    • SentryPODS are currently deployed across the country in a wide array of institutions, installations, and industries. The possible security applications are unlimited.
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