Overlapping Surveillance Cameras and Their Benefits

overlapping camera surveillance

Whether you are designing a surveillance camera system for your home or place of business, it’s important to remember what you see is what you get. Your coverage will only be as good as what your cameras can see, and that is why Field of View (FOV) and overlapping camera surveillance are important things to keep in mind when designing and installing your surveillance cameras.

FOV and Overlapping Surveillance Cameras

Essentially, the field of view is everything a camera can capture within its viewing range. The horizontal FOV is the width of the view, while the vertical FOV is the height of the view. The overall FOV is a combination of these two factors. When selecting a surveillance camera, it is important to remember that the focal length of the lens affects the field of view.


  • A camera with a 90 degree FOV captures more detail than a camera with a wider lens, but has a more limited viewing range.
  • A camera with a 180 degree FOV can monitor a larger area, although objects will appear smaller and less detail will be visible.
  • Wider angle lenses produce a greater FOV and are recommended for large areas like parking lots and warehouses.

Surveillance Blind Spot

Maximize FOV to Increase Security

In order to maximize your viewing angle, it is important to evaluate your property and security needs to help determine camera placement. Multiple cameras with overlapping angles of view will guarantee the most effective coverage. Efficient placement of cameras has a significant impact on the overall performance of your video surveillance system.


In order to maximize your viewing angle, you will need to avoid blind spots. If you thoroughly evaluate your property, this is easy to do especially with overlapping surveillance cameras:


  • Focus on location. Correct camera placement, with overlapping angles, ensures that you have a good view of your property.
  • Choose wide angle viewing cameras to maximize your FOV.
  • Remember to consider external factors like trees, bushes, or even the sun angle to make sure your property can be viewed in all seasons, day and night.


When considering the placement of your security cameras, don’t forget to cover the entire perimeter – especially if you are surveilling an outdoor area. Place cameras at different angles on each side of a building or parking lot, at overlapping angles, to ensure maximum coverage and optimal monitoring.


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