How Can Substations Deter Vandalism

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With attacks against substations increasing nationwide, security at those substations is even more important. There are several steps that substations can take to deter vandalism. Here are four tips to deter vandalism at your substation. Deterring vandalism is the first step to take to ensure that our nation’s critical infrastructure is working to the best of its ability.

Physical security measures

Physical security measures like gates and fences are a necessary way to ensure the protection of your substation. Protecting the perimeter is the first step to ensuring total protection of your critical infrastructure site. Physical barriers are a good deterrent for any bad actors that may attempt to gain access to your site. Making sure that all gates and fences are operational and well-maintained is a surefire way to keep your substation safe.

Lighting Systems

Proper illumination of a site is also a good way to prevent bad actors from acting. If the substation is well-lit, bad actors will be hesitant to commit any crimes should they be seen by passersby, live staff at the substation, or any surveillance camera systems in place. Should the lighting itself not deter them and they commit vandalism, any evidence gathered by surveillance cameras will be clear and it will be obvious who committed the crime.

Patrolling by local law enforcement

Local authorities and law enforcement patrolling an area are also good security measures for substations. Bad actors will definitely be deterred if they see police officers near the site frequently. Unfortunately, this option is not always available should there be an emergency and crews are pulled away from the site. Additionally, many substations are purposefully in remote and rural areas, so it can be difficult for continual live surveillance from law enforcement. Should a substation company choose this route, it may also be expensive if they choose to hire a security company to patrol their property.

Remote video surveillance systems

If you are looking for a cost-effective and reliable security measure for substations, remote video surveillance is the best route to take. These remote surveillance technologies are rapidly deployable, and rugged, and are the most secure continuous method to ensure that your critical infrastructure site is secure.

With video surveillance, there is no need for continual human patrols and surveillance. When multiple camera posts are used, all four corners of the property will be constantly under watch, and every angle will be monitored and covered. Coupling these cameras with a live remote guard will also ensure that if there are any alarms that go off, the threats can be validated and proper authorities can be contacted if the need arises.


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