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Designed To Rapidly Attach/Detach Within 3-5 Minutes

Watch Brent Canfield demonstrate how SentryPODS® can be installed in any environment within 3-5 minutes.


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About the Smart Digital® Team

Our Services 

The core focus of Smart Digital is security solutions that protect people, as well as the property and assets. We specialize in electronic security, fire, surveillance, access gates and access control solutions.  

The CEO - Brent Canfield

Brent founded Smart Digital in 2007, after concluding a 9-year active-duty career in the United States Marine Corps. On his first tour of duty, Brent served as a Combat Engineer. Brent was a demolitions expert and served at 1st Combat Engineer Battalion in Camp Pendleton, Ca. His second tour, Brent changed his primary MOS to the communications field. Brent served as a Field Wireman for Headquarters Battalion, Communications Company. In the sunset of his military career, Brent was assigned as a Combat Team Platoon Sergeant, responsible for QRF, (Quick Reaction Forces) for Headquarters Battalion, 1st Marine Division. In 2016, after concluding his career in the Marine Corps, Brent provided executive protection for Presidential Candidate, Dr. Ben Carson.

Just like the battlefield, intelligence is strategic, and speed and mobility are critical. In 2015, Brent used the mayhem of the Boston Marathon bombing to inspire the birth of Sentry PODS, (Protective Overt Deployable Surveillance) in response to the market demand for an autonomous surveillance platform.

Sentry PODS are virtual tactical operators, making the operator more intelligent, while making boots on the ground safer, keeping them out of harm’s way. Now, observation is done remotely and intelligence is real-time. To this day, Brent still uses intelligence as a priority and speed and mobility as his #1 requirement for the design concept of every Sentry PODS.


What Makes Us Different?

Our staff is made up of former military operators and engineers who use their tactical background and experience to a technical advantage to protect our clients, using layers of security and protection. We refuse to be average. We are not a cookie-cutter security company. We are disrupters who live with the righteous passion to protect people from mayhem. 

ZERO INTEREST CHARGED When Leasing Our Continuously Operable Surveillance Cameras With Short-Term & Long-Term Leasing Options

One benefit of working with SentryPODS is that we offer flexible leasing options. Ultimately, we help you leave room in your budget without sacrificing time-to-delivery. Our surveillance cameras can be leased for 6, 12, 18, or 24 months with zero interest charged and can ship with 48 hours from credit approval.

Whether you need to get a camera set secured to a telephone pole or are in an area with no sensible camera placement, our surveillance accessories will ensure you gain visibility in as little time as possible. Our surveillance cameras are pre-configured so you can set them up or relocate within minutes.

Our Pre-Configured Surveillance Cameras Can Set Up and/or Relocate Within Minutes

How Our Surveillance Equipment Leasing Program Works

  1. Browse Our Camera Options and Contact Us For More Information
  2. Perform A Basic Site Questionnaire
  3. Receiver Hardware & Service Recommendations From Our Surveillance Design Team
  4. Speak With Our Finance Team About Financial Qualifications
  5. Select Lease Terms
  6. Cameras Will Ship Within 48 Hours Of Lease Approval

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SentryPODS® Surveillance Accessories Keep Your Setup Safe, Mobile, & Continuously Operable

Rugged Case For Military Grade Surveillance Camera Transport

Ruggedized Cases
Safe & Secure Transportation

Transportation & Storage Of Remote Surveillance Equipment.  Learn More >

Sentry PODS Rapid Install Kit

(Rapid Attachment System)

Fasten & Mount Surveillance Cameras In 3-5 Minutes.  Learn More >


Mast Collars
Dual Camera RIK Mount Attachment

Attache up to two SentryPods to a mast within minutes.  Learn More >

Solar Power Surveillance Camera Demonstration

Solar Kits
Remote Power Solution

Refuse To Compromise Security When Power Is An Issue.  Learn More >


Extendable Masts
Up To 20 meters

Deploy Digital Surveillance In Areas That Lack Standard Mount Support.  Learn More >


Mobility Kits
Long-Range Connection (Where No Network Exists)

Connect over long distances where a network is not possible.  Learn More >

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