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SentryPODS_Mini with Cord


The SentryPODS® Mini has all the same benefits and features as the standard SentryPODS® Surveillance system.  The only difference is that the SentryPODS® Mini is much smaller, containing smaller components from the camera to networking.

The SentryPODS® Mini is more deployment mobile allowing the SentryPODS® Mini Surveillance system to be placed almost anywhere.

Model: SP12V2G  (12 Volt)

Model: SP12V2G   (12 Volt)  MSRP: $4499.99

Accessories & Upgrades

Mount your SentryPODS® Surveillance System to virtually anything, anywhere.

Mounting Kit Includes:

Mounting Ears – Bolts (4) & Ears (4)

SentryPODS Mounting Kit - Ears

Mounting Brackets – (2)

SentryPODS Mounting Kit - Bracket

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See Help page for installation instructions

Scandisk Ultra 32GB Micro SD Card

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