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Here are frequently asked questions and information tabs that will help with understanding our web site and the products and information that it holds.

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How do I access my Sentry PODS?

Answer: Your Sentry PODS can be accessed by using the Sentry PODS Remote software, using the web version or mobile version for the Android or IPhone. If you have an Android device, login to the Playstore and search Sentry PODS Remote. If you have an IPhone, go to ITunes and search Sentry PODS Remote.

Where should I get the Sentry PODS software?

Answer: Sentry PODS can be accessed by going to: SentryPODS® Software Page. Once you purchase the software package, a download link and a Software Key will be sent via email.


Please read the printed manual for each individual product before going any further. If you do not have a manual, find your model under our products page where you can download the pdf viewable and printable manual.

Tools Needed

  1. Philips Screw Driver
  2. Pliers
  3. Cordless Drill – 3/8″ Bit, 1/2″ Bit

Basic Step by Step Installation

**NOTE: Each product may have a different installation process. To ensure a proper installation please consult your printed product manual.


SentryPODS® Mounting Kit Installation

Step 1. Install the mounting ears on the rear of the enclosure, using the hardware contained in the Sentry PODS packaging.

Step 2. Align the mounting bracket outside holes up with the outer holes of the mounting ears.

Step 3. Fasten the mounting brackets to the mounting ears horizontally, using the hardware contained inside the Sentry PODS packaging.

Step 4. Use the inside two holes on the upper and lower mounting brackets to secure the Sentry PODS to whatever surface you desire. Always be sure to use the proper fasteners for the surface you choose, ie. Concrete, metal, wood, poles, etc…

How to review video clips from SentryPODS using Mozilla Firefox

How to import your SentryPODS camera into SentryPODS Remote Software

How to review video clips from SentryPODS using Mozilla Firefox